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Warranty Statement
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Warranty Statement

Manufacture Warranty Provided:

Warranty Support and Service for DLX Technology (DLX) products is provided by factory trained service technicians and DLX Authorized Service Locations. 

Manufacture Defects:

DLX Technology provides a twelve (12) month limited warranty period on DLX manufactured paintball markers. DLX markers are warrantied to be free from manufacturing and production defects for a period of twelve months from the date of original purchase. 

DLX Technology provides a warranty period of six (6) months for electronic board components, battery system and solenoid.

No warranty is provided for accessories, including but not limited too, tools, carrying case, barrel blocking device, and charging components.


Manufacture Defect Restrictions:

Warranty coverage is dependent on product registration completion within the first 30 days of ownership. Warranty coverage is limited to the original purchaser of the marker, and is non-transferable. 

To activate the warranty visit:

Components that are part of normal wear, consumable usage or regular maintenance are exempt from warranty coverage. Normal wear items include, but are not limited to, o-rings, screws, grip surfaces, ball detention system and break beams sensors (determined not to be factory defective).  User inflicted damage will be handled on a case by case basis and may be subject to charges for repair. 


Warranty Restrictions in Restricted Markets:

Restricted markets are defined as a countries or geographical regions importing less than fifty (50) DLX products per year into a given country or region. Customers and Retailers may contact to determine if they are part of a restricted market.

Except where prohibited by law, warranty coverage of DLX products sold in restricted markets will expire 12 months after the final production run of a marker’s model range. This policy specifically applies to new unsold product remaining in retail inventory, final production dates are listed on

Retail customers must activate their warranty within 30 days of purchase, and maybe asked to provide a proof of purchase. Warranty service will NOT be provided if the marker is not registered within this given time period.

Any fees incurred in the transportation of the marker, or repair components are the responsibility of the retailer/user and will not be covered by DLX Technology.

Complimentary Service During Warranty Period (CWS):

DLX Technology provides service and updates to markers within the warranty period at no charge. 

Service is provided at all events in which DLX Technology is in attendance. Users may also ship their marker into the factory for service at any time during the warranty period (user responsible for shipping).

This service includes any relevant updates or changes to components occurring within the production year and/or warranty period at the discretion of DLX Technology.

Service/Updates include, but are not limited to, manufacturing changes to machined parts, o-ring durometers or sizes, electronic components or programing and other safety or performance updates.

Complimentary Service Restrictions:

Complimentary warranty period service(s) are limited to the original purchaser of the DLX Technology marker. The warranty must be active, and the marker must be registered to the user via the DLX Technology online system.

Complimentary service is limited to updates and production changes and does not extend or effect any other portions of warranty coverage. Updates and services will be announced and supplied at the discretion of DLX Technology. 

Marker Alteration and Modification:

DLX Technology does not warranty the use of any aftermarket parts, or damage caused by the installation of any aftermarket component. 

Removal of factory anodizing or other finish voids all warranties of any affected component. This includes any aftermarket re-anodizing process or other process which alters the factory finish of any component. 

– Warning – Alteration of any component of the DLX Technology marker may reduce the performance and/or safety of the paintball marker, and is strongly discouraged.

Factory Artisan Anodizing:

All of our Splash, Galaxy, and Fades are the result of a complex and artisan completed process. As a result, each example will have visual variations inherent to the method used to create them. These visual characteristics may include some discrepancies in color or pattern – these visual characteristics cannot be predicted or influenced and are part of the artisan nature of a hand-finished product. 

These visual discrepancies may present as light-colored, dark-colored, or silver-colored inclusions in the anodizing. They in no way deteriorate the performance of the marker, nor do they reduce the corrosion or scratch resistance offered by the anodizing.

Customers concerned with these potential visual variations are strongly encouraged to inspect the marker prior to purchasing. For customers purchasing online who are concerned with visual variations should request photos of the exact marker they wish to purchase prior to finalizing the purchase. DLX Technology will not provide compensation or replacement of parts as a result of visual variations inherent in the artisan anodizing process.

Markers with artisanal anodizing are produced in limited quantities, replacement of components in the marker’s original finish is limited. The cosmetic appearance of replacement parts provided under warranty coverage is subject to availability and at the discretion of DLX Technology.

Private Label Markers & Components:

Private label markers and components are produced by DLX Technology in conjunction with industry partners to create limited production versions of the Luxe® platform of markers.

Due to limited manufacture duration and scope, replacement of original color and configuration of replacement parts is limited. The cosmetic appearance and configuration of replacement parts provided under warranty coverage are subject to availability and at the discretion of DLX Technology.

DLX provides all technical services required for the warranty coverage of all Private Label Luxe® markers.