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Software Updates
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Software Updates

Software for Luxe® Markers

LUXE® X and TM40 – Only

This software will only work for the Luxe® X and TM40 markers – it will not function properly on previous generation markers.

5.73 Update Notes: (Release August 2022)

  • Optimized default dwell and loader delay
    • Improved feeding & maximized efficiency
    • NXL/RAMP mode optimized shot string initiation

Software for Luxe® ICE and OLED Markers

*Critical Update*

A recent rule clarification provided by the NXL resulted in an evaluation of the LUXE® software. In accordance with this inspection the NXL has asked that DLX update LUXE® software to eliminate a potential situation in which the software could be deemed as illegal for competition. All participants in NXL or NXL affiliate tournament leagues are heavily urged to update their software version to 3.55 or newer in order to avoid any such violation.

The software error addressed by this update is not classified as malicious, and provides no advantage to the player in the course of play. No penalties have been issued as a result of the concern, however, the NXL is aware of the concern and effected software versions (all versions prior to 3.55). 

Software for Luxe® 2.0 Markers

LUXE® 2.0 and Older

In an effort to offer the latest support for our most current products, DLX will no longer be supporting software updates for the Luxe® 2.0 and older marker platform. All programs provided below are tournament legal as of January 2018.